Pabst Brewery Redevelopment

NewarK, NJ


Located on the original site of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery in Newark New Jersey, the concept for this proposed mixed use redevelopment includes approximately 200 dwelling units and 20,000 sf of retail and commercial space.  The concept pays homage to the site’s industrial history by the extensive use of exposed steel, wood, masonry, and glass. The subdued color scheme was chosen to reflect a modern industrial character. The proposal also promotes infill development with townhouses on scattered sites between existing structures. The development is anticipated to promote a diversity of age groups with units for families and seniors.

Important to the proposal is the integration of design principles that promote community development, sustainability, walkability, and placemaking.  The high density design at the intersection of Grove St. and South Orange Ave. creates a sense of place by creating an active entrance to the development indicative of the original Pabst Brewery entry.